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Professional Development


Obsidian Consulting Group offers ten core professional development categories with subject matters within each one.

Through our strategic partnership with one of the nation’s leading protocol firms, we also offer categories of training to build a culture of integrity. Below, you’ll find a compilation of all training categories, accompanied by their descriptions and popular subject matter.  Customized programs can be tailored for our client’s needs.

Customer Service Training

Customer service is simply ensuring that the client is happy or satisfied by answering their questions and solving their problems quickly and discretely. Our Customer Service Training educates your customer service team on how to respond in a professional and helpful manner to the satisfaction of stakeholders, the clients and customers.

Popular Topics Include:

    • Providing Exceptional Service
    • Building Customer Loyalty
    • Customer Experience Training
    • Conversation Skills
    • Listening Skills
    • Problem Resolution Strategies
    • Understanding the Customer’s Needs

Effective Communication

Businesses and their employees must prioritize professional and clear communication when interacting with colleagues and clients, while adhering to the company’s best practices. This applies across various mediums such as email, mail, phone, or face-to-face interactions.  A great course for young professionals on a path to leadership development.

Popular Topics Include:

    • Emotional Intelligence 101

    • Communicating Under Stress

    • Email / Voicemail Communications

    • How to Strengthen Relationships Across Multigenerational Teams

    • Meetings and Conference Calls in a Hybrid Environment

    • Voice and Presentation Skills, Are You Ready?

Formal Dining Etiquette

Ensure that every member of your team, spanning from associates to executives, possesses a solid grasp of formal dining etiquette. This Business Dining training offers a comprehensive program applicable to various meal settings, be it a simple course or an elaborate twelve-course meal. Empower your team to concentrate on the objectives of business luncheons or dinners with confidence and ease.

Popular Topics Include:

  • Mastering a Multi-Course Dining Experience
  • Hosting Duties
  • How to Use Cutlery, Glassware and Napkins
  • Cocktail Party Protocols
  • Etiquette Mistakes to Sidestep While Dining
  • Mastering the Art of Eating Challenging Foods
  • The Etiquette of Wine Enjoyment

Leadership Development

Exceptional leaders inspire their employees and effectively steer a company towards success. The Leadership Program by Obsidian Consulting Group encompasses diverse lessons aimed at empowering leaders. These lessons foster confidence, guide in cultivating a positive work atmosphere, review business ethics, and equip leaders with the skills to motivate and engage employees across all levels, encouraging their active contribution to the team’s and thereby the company’s success.

Popular Topics Include:

    • Becoming an Inspirational Leader

    • Identifying and Improving Leadership Style

    • DISC Leadership Assessment

    • Let’s Play the Leadership Game

    • Impactful Communication

    Elite Sales Mastery

    The Obsidian Consulting Group collaborates with retail and service sales teams globally, enhancing both individual and collective presentation and hospitality skills. Our Luxury Sales Program is specifically tailored for beauty companies and salons, residential real estate agencies, fashion and accessory brands, and luxury car dealerships. This program aims to refine and elevate the sales experience within these industries, ensuring excellence in customer service and brand representation.

    Popular Topics Include:

      • Closing the Sale

      • Being a Solutions Provider

      • Customer Experience Training

      • How to Present a Product or Service

      • Overcoming “No”

      Art of Public Address

      Tailored to enhance and fortify the public image of an individual, particularly those stepping into or already in the public sphere, this training is well-suited for company CEOs, spokespersons, politicians, or media personalities.

      Popular Topics Include:

        • Speaking with Members of the Media

        • Crisis Communication

        • A Great First Impression

        • Poise and Presentation

        • Public Speaking 101


        Whether you’re attending a business conference or a local networking event, it’s crucial to feel confident and at ease while engaging with colleagues and new contacts. This training provides insights on approaching individuals, mastering the art of reading a room, and gracefully concluding conversations.

        Popular Topics Include:

          • Starting the Conversation

          • Ever-Effective Conversation Starters

          • Mastering Approachability and Likability

          • Effectively Handling Unproductive Networkers

          • Cocktail Party Etiquette

          Perfectly Polished (P3)

          Keep your corporate attire on point with the Perfectly Polished Professional (P3) Training Program by Obsidian Consulting Group. Our expert trainers specialize in refining style and grooming for men and women in office settings and across various out-of-office functions.

          Popular Topics Include:

            • Unveiling Dress Code Etiquette

            • Mastering Professional Appearance

            • Professional Dressing

            • Exuding Executive Presence

            • Mastering Professional Conduct

                  Professional Development

                  Obsidian Consulting Group’s flagship course delves into an extensive array of essential business protocol topics. The Professional Development Course caters to a diverse audience, spanning from summer associates and junior-level employees to managerial roles and C-Suite Executives. It serves as a valuable resource for refining and enhancing interpersonal skills across various career levels.

                  Popular Topics Include:

                    • Cultivating Respectful and Considerate Business Practices
                    • Excelling in Meetings and Conference Calls
                    • Client Hospitality
                    • Dining Etiquette
                    • Mastering the Art of Greetings, Gestures and Introductions
                    • Email and Phone Etiquette

                          Working From Home

                          Navigating the shift to remote team management or working from home demands a unique skill set distinct from office-based work. Whether adapting to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 health emergency or transitioning permanently from a corporate office to a home-based setup, this course – available via webinar or through private 1:1 sessions – is tailored to equip you and your team with the essential tools for success in this new environment.

                          Popular Topics Include:

                            • Video Conferencing Best Practices for Employees and Managers
                            • Establishing Remote Work Protocols and Home Office Setups
                            • Working Independently, Collaboratively and Being Supportive
                            • Reaching and Exceeding Company Goals
                            • Embracing Self-Care
                            • Juggling Work from Home and Parenting